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Formation of the band under the name ‘Desperation Death’. Founder members: Panoschained (guitars, bass, composition), C.M.Ain (vocals, lyrics) October 1991: Change of the band’s name to ‘Chained and Desperate’ and release of the rehearsal tape ‘Total Destruction’.

Their music at that time can be categorized as Noise and Grind. January 1992: Release of the experimental demo tape ‘The day after…’. The band’s music style is now in electro doom forms. May 1994: Release of the demo tape ‘Grieving for the lost sun’.

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The band is a pure doom death metal band now. Very good reviews from fan magazines in Greece and Europe. Chris (drums) is a session member of the heavy metal band ‘Helldiver’ (GR). November 1994: Participation in the Dark Side’s Recs vinyl compilation LP ‘Beyond the Grave’ with the title’s song. December 1994: First ever live performance as headliners in their hometown, Piraeus. February 1995: Contract with Dark Side Records for the release of a split CD with the Black Metal band ‘Order of the Ebon Hand’.

That never happened as Dark Side Records proved to be a rip-off label. New member: Tassos (drum programming, keyboards). November 1995: Release of the tape ‘Oracles from the Neitherworld’.

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Great reviews, many participations in compilation tapes all over Europe. The band sounds like a typical Greek Black Metal Band, as its mostly characterized. Recorded from January 1995 to June 1995 at the legendary Storm Studios with Mangus Wampyr Daoloth (Necromantia) as a sound engineer. March 1997: Release of the prom tape ‘Heliopolis’ with two session members: Lethe (drums) and Merkaal (vocals) from the black metallers ‘Order of the Ebon Hand’. September 1997: Neat Metal Records (U.K.) offers a contract for the release of one album, with the possibility of two more albums. The band’s efforts seem to work out. October 1997-January 1998: Panoschained participates as a session guitarist for ‘Order of the Ebon Hand’ live performances with Nightfall and Rotting Christ in the legendary Rodon Live Club. February 1998: Neat Metal Records (U.K.) decides not to sign the contract for the album’s release. Nevertheless, the band continues to exist and perform.